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One Switch. One Head. The World.

Isn’t Technology just amazing! You can do so many things with it now and you don’t even have to think about it. What if you couldn’t use your arms or legs or even do anything physical ? How would you use your computer then ? Well that’s why I want to introduce you to Mr […]

Who Is A Computer Technician

Any person or individual who repairs and maintains computers as well as servers is known as a computer technician The responsibilities of a computer technician may extend to build or configure new hardware. He also updates and installs software packages and should also know how to develop and maintain computer networks. Just like you need […]

Virus Phone Scam Being Run From Call Centres In India

Online con artists are targeting PC users worldwide in a scam that started in 2008. It starts with a phone call from a so called “Tech Support Specialist” The Caller asks for the primary computer user, He then tells you that you have a virus on your PC. To fix things, all you have to […]