Do You Know What an Internet Cookie Is?

A Internet Cookie as there called is a tiny file stored on your computer by some websites you visit. For instance, a site might store the date and time when you visit, then read the file on your next visit before storing the new date and time; this helps the site owner find out how many people return to the site and how often. In this way, the cookie is for their use, not yours. sometimes, though, a cookie can be useful for you too. If a site requires you to create a username and password to get in, it may offer to store these details in a cookie to let you avoid typing them every time you visit.


Our Advice. . .

We advise that you don’t use this function. For example if your not at your personal computer and your in an internet cafe, and you don’t log out of the website you were visiting any person who uses that computer after you could access your details.  Now if that is your internet banking account your going to have a lot of problems so always log out when your finished using any online accounts.

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