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Terms Of Service; Didn’t Read?

We’re all familiar with the famous line “I have read and agree to the term of service.”  Question is how many people out there actually take the time to read this information ? Well now there is a new site called “Terms Of Service; Didn’t Read” fighting for user rights so you can label terms, […]

Understanding Basic Internet Jargon

If your a beginner, let’s face it, everyone was at one time or another. The internet can be a confusing place when there is so many words or phrases for various things. It’s like the internet has it’s own language, in a sense it does.This post might help with a lot of those words or […]

Internet History Privacy Software

When you surf the web, your computer stores files called Cookies which contains personal information/data about where you have been on the internet, Over time, this information builds up on your computer. If someone gains access to your computer, something that commonly happens all the time, they will have a internet dna profile which they […]

Volunteer Technology Reporters

Are you a technology reporter looking to write articles about new and exciting gadgets ect, in your own spare time? If so, contact Dave’s Tech Support. We’re looking for Volunteer Technology Reporters. All applicants must know WordPress!.. Contact Karl on By sending an email to this email, regarding this volunteer position, you agree for […]