Internet History Privacy Software

When you surf the web, your computer stores files called Cookies which contains personal information/data about where you have been on the internet, Over time, this information builds up on your computer. If someone gains access to your computer, something that commonly happens all the time, they will have a internet dna profile which they could use to cause you serious problems.

To stop this from happening you should regulary remove theses files  for your computer so that they don’t pile up like a digital fire hazard.  Below you will find information about programs which can carry out such tasks and keep you out of danger.

Cyber Scrub Security Suite

Frees up disk space, cleans up internet history, erases Vista shadow copies, uses 256 bit encryption, protects emails and chats, overwrites deleted files. for more informtion Click Here

Webroot Window Washer

Removes unnecessary files, cleans up internet use, overwrites files to truly delete them, frees up computer space. for more information Click Here

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