Microsoft releases fix for IE bug

It seems that cyber criminals have used a flaw to install the Poison  Ivy Trojan on users computers. The piece of malware can steal data and take remote control of your PC.

Microsoft have said the fix it tool is “an easy , one- click solution that will help protect your computer immediately” but “not intended to be a replacement for any upcoming  security updates”.

Microsoft has said there has been “a very low number of attacks “.

Before they released the fix, there are a couple of workarounds that have been suggested such as disabling your Active X controls and Active scripting or download Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit.

Another choice you have is to change the security-zone settings on the browser to “high”  and run IE in restricted mode.

The Flaw effects all versions of internet explorer except IE10 , as it was spotted by a Luxembourg-based security expert.





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