Display Fusion

If you have dual monitors you will know it helps increase work  productivity and also makes day to day computer tasks that little less stressful.

Having dual monitors is all well and good. However you need a program to help you get the most out of  your dual monitor setup, that’s why Dave’s Tech Support recommends you use DisplayFusion It has loads of fantastic features such as;

  1. Multi-Monitor Taskbars
  2. Advanced Wallpaper Management
  3. Customizable Functions
  4.  Monitor Configuration
  5. Windows Snapping
  6. Windows Management
  7. Windows Location
  8. Windows Logo Background
  9. Multi-Monitor Screen Savers
  10. Desktop Icon Profiles
  11. Easy Administration
  12. Available in dozens of languages
  13. And Much More….

If you would like to try DisplayFusion for yourself Click Here ( Free 30 day Pro trial license key )

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