Types Of Hackers

The word “hacker” is overrated and used in the wrong ways a lot of the time. Computer hackers are like minded individuals who share a passion for computers and the internet as well as the programming of it.

There are many different kinds of hackers and while some are out to cause harm. many are simply curious individuals who want to learn the ins and outs of internet security.

White Hat

White Hat hackers are individuals who hack into computer systems to see how that computer system works.


Black Hat

Black Hat hackers are the complete opposite of “White Hats.” They use their skills to break into security systems in order to seal credit card information, vandalize websites or otherwise.


Grey Hats

Greay Hat hackers are morally ambigous. They act on their own self-interests and do not think about the legal reprocussions of their actions. They do not actively go looking to break the law, but are not concered if such is the outcome.



Hacktivists are individuals who hack into websites, social media sites and political forms on the agenda of something.



As stated above, cyberterrorists use computers to engage in acts of terrorism, often times using DoS (Denial of Service) attacks to crash government websites.

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