Do you have a device that’s recently been in contact with water?

Everyone once in a while, you may or have dropped your electronic gadget (Phone, Digital Camera, iPod etc.) into a water or accidentally poured a  liquid over it. Not a worry, it’s normal and unfortunately it happens.

But, we have found a solution that works, to save your gadget and assist you on receiving that data!

Save-A-Phone uses a low-tech solution to this problem, you place your device into an airtight bag, with two Save-A-Phone Drying Agent Packs. Then the water is drawn from all openings within the device, that originally let the water in. Save-A-Phone also takes out all the guess work, “Is my device dry yet”, the guys who invented this low-tech solution, have placed a moisture indicator on the bag, it simply changes colour, your device goes in whilst it’s blue, then will turn pink to show the moisture has been detected. Once your device is dry, it will simply turn back blue.

Don’t take our word for it, you can go check out to find out more.

Most of all, they only cost £14.99! cheaper than a new device, right?

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