Do you enjoy making movies on your smartphone ?

These days Smartphones are becoming the new Digital SLR which is making it hard for big companies like Cannon to continually come up with new ideas and designs that will bring in the buyers. After all a smart phone is cheaper than a digital SLR right ?
Introducing: The SlingShot it’s made from a light-weight, industrial-grade co-polymer — it looks and feels great. It doesn’t feel cheap, though, and looks very durable. The cradle sits in a ball-joint on top of the handle so you can adjust it to any angle needed. The cradle also be unscrewed from the handle, revealing handy a standard 1/4″ tripod mount which means you can use the cradle with your original tripod if  needed.

Inside the handle are two legs that can be easily extended to make the SlingShot into a handy tabletop tripod. When finished, they just flip back into the handle.

Allowing you to hold your mobile device with a handle in theory helps to stabilize the camera and shoot smoother video as well as getting them perfect snaps.  I’ve got a pretty stable hand but I find that the Slingshot really helps to get rid of that extra movement that you just don’t want in your photos or video.

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