This Weeks Top 10 Most Popular Android Apps

I’m trying something new. So here goes, with this weeks Top 10 Most Popular Android Apps.

1. Facebook Home – Download


Facebook is the world’s largest social network, so it’s no surprise that the new Facebook Home app was the most popular Android app last week. We tested out the app and found it had promise, but the coolest featured called Chat Heads is available in the stand alone Facebook Messenger app. Facebook Home is only supposed on a handful of devices, but MoDaCo has instructions if you want to side-load it on another device.

2. StatusAgenda – Download


StatusAgenda is a free app that brings your calendars to your pull-down notification area. The app integrates with Google Calendar so there is nothing to set up. I normally have the a Calendar widget stuck to my home screen, so I have yet to test out StatusAgenda, but it currently has an average rating of 4.4 in the Google Play Store.

3. Twilight – Download


Twilight got a lot of buzz in last week’s Fresh Meat column, and it appears the app might live up to the hype. The app makes your device screen adapt to the time of the day by filtering the blue spectrum on your phone or tablet after sunset and protecting your eyes with a soft and pleasant red filter. The average review score is 4.6, and I’m installing it right now.

4. InCall Recorder – Download


InCall Recorder might be one of the first call recording apps that works well, and it’s actually free to install. Some users report it works great, while others say it’s not compatible with their device. Filter the Google Play reviews by your device to see what others are saying before you take the time to download it and try it out.

5. Burner Download


If you like to sell items on Craigslist and you need a disposable number, then Burner might be the solution you need. Burner maintains a pool of numbers that you can rent on-demand and then dispose of when no longer needed. The Android app comes with one free Burner number to test out, and then you will have to pay for continued use after that. The app was just released this week and it already received an update over the weekend, so keep sharing your feedback so that the developer can improve the experience.

6. Flatout: Stuntman – Download


Last week’s most popular game was Flatout: Stuntman from Team6 Game Studious. The Flatout series is one of the most popular stunt titles on gaming consoles, and this mobile version delivers all the same exciting action. The game is optimized for Tegra-powered devices, but it runs on a wide variety of Android smartphones and tablets. It’s free to play, so check it out if you enjoy ragdoll fun.

7. Rando – Download


The simple app allows you to anonymously share photos with strangers and it’s strangely addicting. We normally take pics and upload them to get likes from people we know, so sharing a photo with a random stranger really changes the behavior of how you capture images. I have been playing with the app for the last week, and it still has me entertained.

8. Overkill 2 – Download


Overkill 2 is a new game for people that like to customize guns. This sequel to the popular original lets you modify 30 realistic 3D guns the way you feel they should be and then take them to the action. These stand-still type of shooters are not my thing, so I have yet to check it out.

9. Swizzle – Download


Swizzle is a well designed app that can help anyone make cocktails and mix drinks like a bartender or mixologist. The app features thousands of drink recipes, including a selection of non alcoholic and virgin drinks. Additional features include a My Cabinet section that allows you to store your ingredients inventory, a built-in shopping list, and the ability to create your own recipies and share them with friends.

10. Fetch – Download


Rounding out the Top 10 is Fetch, an app discovery platform that is powered by tags. Users can define the traits they are looking for in apps, and then Fetch creates a personalized feed of apps that match what they are looking for. The app allows you to follow some detailed traits like “button mashing,” “boss battles,” and “war games” so it’s easy to create a feed that will deliver apps you will love.’

This content was sourced from Karl T Brittain

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