Charge Card Review

Just the other day I was out walking my dog and listening to music on my Smartphone when I noticed my  Samsung Galaxy S4 battery was low. I didn’t have my laptop or sync cable with me, but I did have the Charge Card. Within two seconds it was out of my wallet and plugged into my phone and I was able to continue listening to my music.

What is the Charge Card?

The Charge Card is the same size as a credit card, and barely any thicker. I carry mine around in my wallet so I know I have it when my battery is running low. At one end there’s a MicoUSB connector that will plug into any device that supports MicroUSB,  In the center there’s a USB 2.0 plug on a flexible rubber arm that folds out to connect to your PC.  The Charge Card is also available for iPhone

You can buy your Charge Card Now from

As Charging gadgets go, this has got to be one of my favorites. It solves an every day problem and takes up no space at all.

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