Test and Detect Fake or Counterfeit USB Drives

If you’ve ever bought a USB Drive off  of  eBay or Amazon and believe that it maybe a fake or counterfeit then we’ve just the tool to put your mind at rest.

It’s called H2testw it was developed by Harald Bögeholz,  to test USB sticks for various kinds of errors. It can also be used for any other storage media like memory cards, internal and external hard drives and even network volumes. To run the test for your drive, just plug in the drive, format it in Windows, run H2testw, select the target, and click Write + Verify button. H2testw writes files of up to 1GB to the chosen destination and names them 1.h2w, 2.h2w, 3.h2w and so on. If the target directory already contains such a set of files H2testw will offer to verify them. After it is done the software leaves its test files on the medium. You can erase them if you like or verify them again.

Don’t just take our word try it yourself, Visit Raymond.cc

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