About Us

Dave’s Tech Support is a computer repair company based in Holywood,outside Belfast Northern Ireland. We provide a wide range of professional IT services using the latest technologies. Our aim is to provide professional solutions at affordable prices for local customers and businesses across N.Ireland.

Dave’s Tech Support has been in operation for 6 years and we’ve been growing steadily with the growth of the internet. We can assist you with a variety of topics from troubleshooting software/ applications right up to building your own computer system and protecting that system.

Personal Summary 

I knew exactly what I wanted to do from when I was 12 years old. I love this work and I’m happy to be doing it full time. I made computer support my hobby in my early years as a computer enthusiast, I have freedom and flexibility. It’s hard not to be content.

I’m an optimist, and a generally motivated/driven individual. I set goals, and make a genuine effort to achieve them. Constantly striving to improve myself means if my work isn’t getting better, I’m doing something wrong.

I live in Holywood, outside Belfast in Northern Ireland. It’s a lovely place but was for many years the site of a violent and bitter ethno-political conflict. However it now offers a wide range of social opportunities, which encourages me to spend time away from my office. I enjoy my personal and work life, so I can’t complain.

What are we Passionate About ?

I’m passionate about computers, technology, the Internet, and my customers. I aim for every customer to have a computer that meets their business needs and yet delivers professional user experience. I enjoy building computer systems so my customers can focus on doing what they are doing, and leave the technical stuff to me.

Want to Contact Us ? 

If you’d like to hear more about us and how we can help you in solving your computer dilemmas, then drop us a line via our contact Us page .