Surf Easy – Plugin Privacy Key

With all of the issues surrounding online privacy and internet surveillance programs many people are very concerned about what’s happening with their personal information and whether or not its been reviewed, logged, scanned or even stored away for sale by third party companies who are tracking what we do on the internet. This has become a very hot topic in recent months with all the revelations from former CIA employee Edward Snowden.

That’s why a Canadian based company called Surf Easy has designed a product that can help you relax and enjoy the internet without worrying about people spying on you.

The SurfEasy is a small USB key that contains a version of Firefox mobile on it. This version of the Mozilla browser has been modified to work with SurfEasy’s servers so that any time you run the executable (or open the app on a Mac) you are directly connecting to the SurfEasy proxy network. This is very similar to the way that the Tor Bundle (or Vidalia) works in that opening the application performs the connection and opens a preconfigured browser optimized for use on that network.

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