We provide a full range of PC services, specializing in repairs and upgrades.

We will always give you a full list of repair costs before we carry out any repair

We can do this work in the comfort of your own home, however this service is only available to those in the local area of Holywood. Rest assured we can provide national and international assistance by using remote assistance software. Dave’s Tech Support will assist you, where ever you are, and what ever your needs, we don’t turn anyone away.


Services we provide:

General Computer Repairs – If your PC is going slow, or a piece of your hardware has gone faulty. Let us know, because we can use some top of the range software’s to speed up your systems, or we can replace that faulty hardware, we can even supply it (extra charges may apply). Contact us for a quote today, you won’t be disappointed.

Computer Upgrades – These days, everyone is trying to have a top of the range computer, now that can be done in various ways such as software updates, which goes right to the O/S itself, upto the hardware. Everything on your system can be updated, to make the system better for what your requirements are. We can assist in making your PC system meet your requirements.

Data Recovery / Backup – Accidentally deleted files?  We can help recovery your data! for more information on this service please Click Here

Networking – Weather you’re a business or home user, networking is a handy tool in the modern technology world. Such as network printers, scanners and much more. Dave’s Tech Support can setup the network for you, whilst you sit back & relax.

Passwords – are used for just about everything now days. However when you forgot the password to your pc, panic sets in as you don’t know what to do. Why not give Dave’s Tech Support a call we can reset your O/S password in no time, so you can get back to what you were doing.

Peripheral Installations – What are peripherals?.. your mouse, keyboard, webcam, printer & scanner are all examples of peripherals. We can install those for you.