I have found the service provided by Dave’s Tech Support to be of an excellent caliber. I am a novice to computers and the world of technology plus I haven’t grown up with computers at my fingertips. His patience and willingness to repeat procedures endlessly is very supportive and encouraging for a newbie. He has also reset my computer back to factory settings so that it is more efficient and responds quickly to my requests. Dave’s Tech Support has helped me to enjoy the computer rather than fear it and to have a go. There is nothing to lose except perhaps an odd email or letter. He he he


Dave has helped me on a few occasions when I was having computer difficulties. He is quick to respond when I have computer problems and has been quick to assess the situation. Last year my new computer needed replacing and the system re-assembled and Dave was prompt to respond and very helpful to me. He enjoys the world of computers and information technology and is very familiar with computer programs.


Dear Dave,

I know I’m way over here on the West Coast of Canada, a full 4-5 time zones away, but I wanted to write you to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you on redeveloping your website. I’ve had many, many clients over my 15 years in web development, and I have to say, you were ‘top notch mate!’. I appreciated your easy-going way through Skype and Email, and you were very clear and concise with how you wanted things done. Even though you were my client for the project, I felt like I was one of yours. I wish you were closer to work on my PCs and my family member computers as well. I’ll refer all the web-related work I can. Thanks again for the opportunity, and best of luck

Rob Dunsmuir

Hey Dave,

Good looking site, written in a way that’s approachable for novice’s but still covers stuff for people that have a bit more know how.


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